What is Social Drumming?

Social drumming is used as a tool to increase interactive participation among individuals connected by music as the source of motivation.

"Social drumming is the perfect opportunity to connect with people you care about. Family, friends, and significant others are encouraged to take an active role in music making" ~Joe Parrish

My role as a group drumming facilitator is to focus intent and delivery to improve the quality of the activity; making it easier for people to effectively participate. The training and experience our facilitators bring to the drumming circle enables them to work with diverse populations. These experiences are more accurately referred to as facilitated drumming programs rather than drumming programs in the traditional sense.

Mission of Adventures in Social Drumming:

Cultivate relationship development through facilitated social drumming circles; improving socialization, increasing stamina, and enhancing mood.

Mission of Adventures in Social Drama:
Cultivate relationship development through Role-play Theatre Analysis (RTA); addressing problematic social issues in a safe, nurturing, creative, and nonviolent arena.

What is Social Drama?

Last year ASD reached and assisted nearly 300 individuals through Role-play Theatre Analysis. Dialogue created through RTA utilizes elements of visual and emotional awareness. RTA, coupled with the reflexive thinking process, integrates intuition, emotion, and imagination to validate others' ideas and challenge conventional wisdom; moving participants into action to become agents of change within their communities.

Participants experience familiar success while using interactive drama as the catalyst to influence and change lives. RTA enables the individual to transform their reality through the arts; leading to a healthier sense of self as the individual participants become the playwright as well as the director of their own lives.