2017 Drumming

Special Needs Classes
Dramatic Social Skills Exploration

Improvisational classes
Small group social skills classes

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Drumming in the Garden

*at your location*

Designed for adults and Seniors

Times are flexible

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(515) 339-4781

New opportunity for Retirement facilities:

As the cold weather sets in, plan your Social Drumming event today!

Looking for an innovative and engaging activity?

You are invited to experience the island beats and tropical sounds of

Adventures in Social Drumming's Island Rhythms Program

Receive $100.00 towards the purchase of your tropical event or $50.00 towards a large group session courtesy of our friends at The Parrothead Club of Central Iowa


Tropical Event: $349.00 (up to 3 hours, open to friends and family)

Group Session: $149.00 (45 minute interactive drumming)

Call (515) 339-4781

1:1 ratio drumming lessons
Music exploratory classes

Facilitated social drumming

Large group drumming activities

Social Drumming: presentations, classes, Large group sessions, or 1:1 lessons are available for all ages.

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