Enhancing Social Interaction

 Through Role-Play Theatre Analysis and Interactive Drumming    

Annie is a special education teacher with the Johnston Community School District. She currently holds a BS in Education and MA in Special Education with Strategist I and II Endorsements. Annie has two children of her own on the autism spectrum.


        Musical expression and dramatic play     have the ability to...

     Capture our imagination

Retell the story
    Actively role-play life scenarios
    Validate behavior
    Explore consequences in situational conflict 

Established in April 2007, Adventures in Social Drama (ASD) began offering drama classes to individuals with autism to enhance their social and communication skills. Today ASD addresses problematic social issues through theatre based role-play workshops to promote artistic expression and generate awareness of a wide variety of social issues including, but not limited to, ethnic, socio-economic, generational and cultural differences.

Adventures in Social Drama constructed Role-play Theatre Analysis (RTA) as a tool within a safe environment to help individuals establish healthy, meaningful relationships and achieve higher goals. Dramatic play serves as a catalyst for building community wherein participants are free to express thoughts and feelings concerning their perceptions of life and life's challenges.


Adventures in Social Drumming encourages participants to:

*Connect with yourself and others

*Focus on the moment

*Be creative

*Share narrative experiences via the drumming circle

Adventures in Social Drama encourages cast members to:

*Explore challenging social issues
*Develop a sense of self-worth
*Establish networks that promote healthy relationships
*Inspire multicultural and cross-generational relationships

Joe Parrish

Co-founder, ASD

Co-Creator, RTA


Joe conducts recreational drumming programs for ASD and is currently working towards his BCBA in Applied Behavior Analysis, 2017.

Annie Mielke

Co-founder, ASD

Co-creator, RTA


Dramatic Play