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A behavioral approach to recreational therapy

Join Adventures in Social Drama for an exploratory drama class. Participants will have an opportunity to exercise various techniques of acting and improvisation that establish lasting healthy relationships through dramatic play. Participants will begin to “capture the moment” through Role play Theatre Analysis; utilizing role-play of a scene to resolve social issues.

​​Adventures in Social Drama

​  providing interactive programming for all ages and abilities

Join one of our facilitated drumming circles for an exploratory music class. Participants in this drum-matic experience will develop community, exercise rhythmic skill development, and explore a variety of musical cultural genres. Individuals will have the opportunity to evaluate musical selections and peer thoughts on preferred styles of music. 
Adventures in Social Drumming provides facilitated drumming circles for all ages. Social drumming is perfect for retirement communities looking for engaging activities.


These sessions are specifically designed for teachers, educators, and organization employees to learn the art of interactive theatre. Your valued employee will understand the techniques being presented on all varieties of social conflict. They will demonstrate the ability to present their own workshops.